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International Yoga Teachers Association

IYTA is one of Australia's leading Yoga Teacher Training organisations. Founded in 1967 IYTA has been running Teacher Training for nearly 50 years as a completely Non-Profit Organisation.

IYTA upholds the highest ethical standards of Yoga Teaching and professional conduct for all its members. A registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Australia, the IYTA Diploma of Yoga Teaching allows you to teach around the World. Headquartered in Sydney, IYTA is represented in NZ, Canada, Fiji, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Oman, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, USA, Austria and the UK, with affiliates in Brazil, Puerto Rico and Spain.

When you graduate you automatically become part of a worldwide yoga community – if you wish to travel the world and teach yoga you already have family to connect with. How amazing is that?! The IYTA promotes the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga for everybody, regardless of age, sex, ability or disability, ethnicity or religion. Its core is based on the teachings of Patanjali (as the first recorded Yogic text) and is delivered in a professional, flexible way, with an emphasis on safety and the best lecturers in their field (including Simon Borg-Olivier, Louise Wiggins, Susie Lapin, Saraswathi Vasudevan and Swami Kryatma).

Over 2000 yoga teachers have graduated with IYTA. Commencing with either the Foundation course (two modules) or the 350 hour (one year) Diploma of Yoga Teaching, many students continue their studies and qualifications with IYTA Post Graduate courses, such as Pre and Post Natal, Level 2 (Advanced) Yoga Teacher Training, Backcare and Yin Yoga.

IYTA is all about helping YOU become the best person you can be! We remain true to Yoga - we are not in it for money or Ego but truly want to raise the standard of Yoga Teaching around the world.

In 2017 there will be a celebration of IYTA's 50th anniversary in Sydney. Why not become part of it? Teachers from all over the globe will be sharing their knowledge and love of yoga. See website for details: www.iyta.org.au or call FREECALL 1800 449 195